Internet Marketing Strategy for big ROI & Online Presence
  • It is not a secret that Google is a content centric search engine and using fresh content you can get the attention of Google in a very positive way. One of the best ways to add fresh content regularly to your website is through the blog. Create as much fresh content as possible and keep your blog updated regularly. Link your blog pages with appropriate hypertext to the main pages of your website. This will improve your website’s online visibility in Google.

    In one of the latest updates in April 2012, Google announced that poor quality content will not get any freshness boost. So if you want to impress Google by blogging, you need to make sure that you are creating good quality content for your blogs otherwise you will not enjoy any benefit from your blogging efforts.

    You will also be able to get many other benefits in blogging besides getting freshness boost. If you post interesting content then the other webmasters will be interested in linking to your website. Even today, blogging is one of the most powerful search marketing strategies. So never under estimate the effectiveness of blogging. You can use good quality content as your link bait.


    When more and more websites link to your blog, you will gradually emerge as an authority figure in your industry. This is certainly one of the best ways of improving your brand image. You will be able to enhance the effectiveness of your blogging efforts by bookmarking your blogs in top social bookmarking sites. The entire process that comprises of blogging and bookmarking the blog articles in social bookmarking sites is called link baiting. Here your blogs are promoted in social bookmarking sites and this initiates the flow of traffic. It has been proven that link baiting is one of the most powerful search marketing strategies and that it works well for all niche industries.

    If you have not been using blogging or link baiting to promote your websites in Google and in the other leading search engines, it is high time that you started using this natural link building strategy. To make link baiting work for you, you need two key skills the first skill is the ability to create impressive content and the second skill is social bookmarking. Added to that you also need to make consistent efforts and you will need a considerable amount of time to create and to promote your blog content. In case, you don’t have either the skills or the time or both, you can approach a link baiting company to promote your website.

    Blogs give you the opportunity to create and post fresh content regularly without affecting your main pages. When you choose to use blogging in your search marketing efforts make sure that your blogs are integrated to your website and that it is not a stand alone blog. Only when your blog is integrated to your website you will be able to enjoy the fullest benefits of your efforts.


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