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  • When Google updated its algorithm, people were scared about how this would end the current SEO. Some even concluded harshly by saying that SEO is already dead. But no matter what these people say, SEO will continue working as it has always been though your SEO Company has to step up its services. The service providers should know the right thing to do given these changes. Although SEO has remained relevant, the Panda and Penguin updates now require changes in the current practices of the industry. If you want your website to adapt to these changes well, it is important that your service provider would follow certain adjustments.

    Avoid Over-optimization

    While Google might have already shown how a website can get penalized for being overly-optimized, it has become even more of an issue now with the recent search algorithm changes. The search engine has emphasized even more interest in preventing websites from actively manipulating their rankings. Even if they do attempt to do so, they will not get anywhere near the top search engine results pages.

    However, this can be hard on your SEO Service provider because in the first place, there are no specific metrics provided by Google to measure just how the website is doing its optimization techniques. It can barely be determined how a website is still doing effective optimization and how it isn’t. This is why your service provider should be extra cautious while working on your website and should only use white hat SEO tactics.

    Ensure Satisfactory User Experience

    Google is even more determined to rank only websites with valuable content. The recent algorithm updates aim to reward websites that can provide satisfactory user experience.

    Since there are no metrics provided on how to measure the quality of user experience, SEO Services should also include constant updates of your content. There should be customer reviews, social networking monitoring, and article comments. These should at least let you know how your website is doing in the eyes of its visitors.

    Value Website Content More

    Google is more focused now on getting rid of websites with copy-pasted and duplicate content. Those websites that use keyword stuffing can also be easily eliminated. If your content is not that valuable now, change it fast before the search engine catches up to you.

    As a webmaster and business owner, your brand image and website can be everything to you. However, you may entrust them to a company such as TitleSEO. They offer services including an all-in-one SEO campaign, content writing, innerpage SEO service, page speed optimization, classified submission, reputation management, online video creation, and more. You will even have a free SEO consultant if you don’t know what to do with your website at first.

    The company is already an established one in the UK and US markets since it started doing business in 2007. Over time, the company has already reached a number of more than 200 staff members. These are the people that have ranked small to mid-sized businesses and assure the clients of purely manual submission to directories, social bookmarking services, and more.

    Another thing about TitleSEO is that you can choose from several packages. You can find one that is within your budget too, which is also why small businesses prefer their services.

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