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  • One of the topics that is commonly being discussed is the latest Google update named Penguin update. Many websites seem to have lost their positions very badly and analysis indicates that one of the issues that affected websites in this latest Google update is link spam. While all the websites were trying to boost their ranking in Google by creating one way links, Google’s new update seems to have dealt a totally unexpected card which put many webmasters under misery.

    Link building is still one of the predominant ranking factors but it is important that you protect your website against link spam. If you have been building good quality links to your website then you don’t have to worry about the latest Penguin update from Google because Google targets all manipulative efforts and aggressive link building efforts that failed to keep to the best practices of link building. Web sites that received paid links and websites that used article spinning tools to create content faced the wrath of Google.

    If you have hundreds of links pointing to your website using the same term or the same phrase, then it will set off the Google alarms. This tells the search engines that something unnatural is happening; which in fact makes sense because when people are linking to a website or a blog article if it is natural linking it is more likely that each one used different terms to link to your website or to your blog article. If you have been using the same term or hypertext to link to your website thinking that it will strengthen your keyword, then you should know that Google thinks differently. Most of the websites online today have been accustomed to such a practice and it is high time that websites responded to the latest changes.

    Web sites that used futuristic link building approach by keeping the entire process very natural were saved. Web sites that boasted of their link power were affected badly, if your website too has been affected then you need to respond quickly. Failure to take immediate action will push you down further in the search results to a place of no return.

    If you have been using poor quality articles for your link building needs then Google will devalue your links from the article sites. The only known solution to fight back Google’s Penguin update is to take a legitimate approach to link building. You will have to use a wide range of keywords or key phrases to create your links. The ultimate aim of the search giant is to feed the users with quality and the most relevant content and not with websites that had more money to build a large volume of links.

    The latest Google update should come as a lesson or as an eye-opener. All your future link building efforts should anticipate the surprises that Google is likely to serve you. Only when you improve upon your efforts and only when you make such futuristic efforts you will be able to survive the sudden blows dealt by the search giant which is responsible for sending almost 90% of your website’s traffic.


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