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  • There are endless link building strategies today and the reason for the proliferation of the link building strategies can be attributed to the increasing importance of the back links in getting top search engine ranking. To meet the increasing demand for back links many new strategies evolve. However it does not mean all link building strategies are equally effective and all link building strategies get you good quality links. So if you are a prudent webmaster, you should then take a moment to first know the qualities of a good back link so that you acquire such links for your website.

    So what are the qualities of a good back link? When can we say that a back link is good? What makes a back link good or bad depends totally on what the search engines are expecting. If your back links meet the criteria set by the search engines then they qualify as good links and if they do not meet the criteria set by the search engines, then they are not good links.

    Here are some qualities of a good back link. Firstly, the back link should be from websites with good PR. This is a Google criterion, getting high PR links will get you good ranking in Google. If you are targeting to get top ranking in Google then you must make it a point to acquire as many high PR back links as possible.

    The second quality of good back link is that the link should be from a contextual source. All the search engines that are content based look for links from contextual sources. Even Google places great importance on contextual links. If you are building links for your website do not get your links randomly. Check ‘whether the linking source has some content that is relevant to your website so that the links you get will get better results.

    The third but the most important factor that you should check when you are hiring an SEO company for your link building needs is that you get your links from websites with ‘do follow’ attribute. If your links are not from do follow pages then you are simply wasting your time because such links will not get you any back links benefit. So start looking for companies that will get you links from index-able pages.

    Fourthly, all your links should be search engine friendly. Many website owners make mistakes here. They hire link building companies that use dubious link building strategies and put the websites to great risk. All the links should be obtained only through white hat strategies and approved strategies. If you are getting your back links make sure that the links are obtained from search engine friendly methods.

    These are some of the basic qualities of the links based on the latest search engine requirements. Search engines continue to modify their ranking algorithms. So if you want to improve your website’s ranking it is important all your efforts match the latest or the prevailing algorithms.

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