Internet Marketing Strategy for big ROI & Online Presence
  • Have you been wondering why your website has not been doing well despite pumping in so many backlinks? Have you been struggling to retain your existing position in the search results pages while your ranking is supposed to be improving? Not many website owners realize that they are constantly losing their back links on one side because of expiring links, dead links and defunct links while on the other hand they are busy trying to get new back links.

    If you are going to constantly lose back links then all the new back links that you get will only be compensating for the loss and this is not good enough to boost your ranking all the link juice that you are getting will only be used to retain existing ranking and this could be one of the major reasons why your website is not seeing any improvement despite your link building efforts.

    If you have identified the problem the next step should be finding the right solution to rectify that problem. One of the best ways to combat this situation is to get permanent one way links. Only when your back links are of permanent nature, all the new links will have a cumulative effect on your ranking. Look for back links that will remain functional throughout the lifetime of the website.

    Don’t waste your time buying links from link farms and from FFA sites, these links will only ruin your website’s reputation and will get your website into trouble. Do not be lured by those impressive mails that you get and the attractive ads that promise to get you thousands of links for rock bottom prices. Such links will only work against your own search marketing goals rather than helping your website.

    If you are interested to build good quality one way links that are of permanent nature in the most search engine friendly way, then you should consider advanced directory submission services. Choosing directory submission services that will get links from the company’s own network of directories is one of the most search engine friendly ways of building permanent one way links. We cannot emphasize here enough the importance of such links in seeing steady growth of your website.

    At one time or the other every webmaster gets frustrated with their slow improvement in the search results. When this happens, they try to look for short cuts to get to the top of the search results. Some website owners do manage to get to the top of the search results using such strategies but unfortunately they will not be able to remain there on top for long and their success will be short lived. Search engines have very limited toleration level towards such approaches. It is therefore important that you stay away from such strategies and use only the safest link building strategies to get permanent one way links. Consistent and focused link building efforts always pays rich dividends. Choose the right strategies and pave way for your own online success.


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