Internet Marketing Strategy for big ROI & Online Presence
  • Every business owner that is trying to promote their brand online should first understand the latest search marketing trends so that you can market your brand effectively online. If you set out to make an analysis of the latest trends, you will be forced to ask whether social media is ruling the roost in search engine marketing. Social media is an umbrella term that covers social networking sites or community sites and social bookmarking sites. All the leading websites and all the top ranking websites make the best use of the social media to promote their websites.

    You too will be able to improve your website’s online visibility and your website’s online popularity through social media marketing. There is no doubt that social media plays a very important role in search marketing today. Just knowing that social media plays a very crucial role in search engine marketing will do no good; you need to make positive attempts towards using this single most powerful platform that you have at your disposal.

    You should know how to approach social media correctly to enjoy the maximum benefits. Many get confused with the terminologies used here and terms such as social networking sites, social bookmarking sites are used fluidly. However you should know that these terms mean different things. Social networking sites allow people to interact with the other users using advanced internet tools of communication. Here you will be able to build online networks using social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc. Your personal involvement is required here and only then you will be able to build your own network based on your own interests and preferences. You cannot hire a company to build a network for you for the sheer reason that they may not represent you correctly in the social networking or in the community sites. You can even end up risking your own online reputation by hiring someone to take care of your social networking needs, even if the sole purpose of such an effort is promoting your brand online.

    Social bookmarking sites are different from social networking sites. Here it is important that you take third party approach to using these sites if your main aim is promoting your websites or your brand online. Hiring a social bookmarking company works out to be an ideal option here as your social bookmarking company will create social bookmarks using their own user accounts. It makes more sense for someone else to bookmark your sites rather than you bookmarking your own websites. Here too you can risk your reputation; you need to find a dependable and an experienced service provider so that the social bookmarking service provider does not simply go about spamming the social bookmarking sites under the pretext of building links or under the pretext promoting your website. Such an attempt will betray your efforts and it will be seen as self promotional effort or as ‘paid social bookmarks’.

    It is important that you appreciate the differences and the various issues at play while trying to promote your website in the social media sites.


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