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  • The previous post tried to take a deeper look at keywords and in this post let us focus on why it is important to perform manual keyword analysis. We know already that finding the right keywords for your website is the first step and the most important of all SEO efforts that you will be taking. You will have to therefore pay very close attention on how well this step is handled. To make the task apparently easy for the webmasters on keyword analysis there are many keyword generation tools. The question however is whether using such keyword generation tools will help you really or whether you will end up having a long list of keywords that can really do no good to your website.

    Before we can answer the above question, we should first understand what is keyword analysis and the rest will become self-evident. Keywords analysis is the process of finding the right keywords for a business or for a website. There is no universal set of keywords that you can use to optimize your website. Even within the same niche the choice of keywords will vary from one website to the other. It is like how your USP is unique to your business; your keywords will also be unique to your website. These are terms that people actually use online while searching for information they need. The nature of the keywords used by people change with time so you need to identify the latest set of search terms used by your customers. You should also know the keywords that are driving traffic to your competitors’ websites so that you can make your website search engine wise strong for those keywords as well. Only when all these factors are taken into account in your keywords analysis you can be sure of getting the right set of keywords for your business. Now do you think an automated tool or keyword generation program can make sensible analysis here given the fact that every website is unique? Though keyword generation tools can help you to a certain extent, you cannot rely on keyword generation tools 100% for your website’s entire keyword research needs.

    You will need an experienced keyword research expert that understands the latest search trends to handle your website’s keyword research needs. An in-depth manual analysis needs to be done taking into account all the above factors. Added to that, the keywords expert should also take into account the language habits of a given target group of people. The target group can be categorized based on age, gender, geographic region, etc. These factors too vary from one niche to the other, from one product or service to the other. You should be able to understand easily now that automated keyword generation tools will not be able to help you here, but you will need dependable manual keywords analysis. The next time you want to find the right keywords for your website use manual keywords analysis for better results. 

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