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  • Google is known for its frequent algorithmic changes and for April 2012 Google had announced a long list of updates to its search algorithm. There are totally 52 changes as per the latest updates announced by Google in its official Google search blog, ‘Inside Blog’. While all the updates announced by Google are equally important, this post will take a closer look at five of those latest content based updates.

    1. Google will now use more text from the beginning of your page content in the search results as snippets. However Google states that the text will be shown in the snippets if the text is particularly relevant. You should make the best use of this update by creating very impressive text and to ensure that your text intro is given due attention so that you can make the internet users click on your link and visit your website. Here quality of the text and the relevance of the text are two crucial factors.

    2. Google announces improvements to local navigational searches and it is a very important update that businesses that are targeting local market should take note. If the searches include location terms, Google will promote the local navigational home pages in the search results giving them better visibility even if the pages under question do not mention the location. You need not have to plague your content anymore with the location names and make the content unfriendly to the readers anymore.

    3. Google has always given importance to good quality content and the latest update is yet another proof for the same. Google normally gives freshness boost to websites that post fresh content. Google is now going to take a closer look at the quality of the content. You are not going to get a boost just because you have posted some fresh content but only good quality content will get such a boost. If Google notes that the content is of ‘particularly low-quality’ then you can forget about the freshness boost.

    4. Google’s keyword stuffing classifier gets better. You need to be more careful with the use of keywords in your content. You will have to use only experienced SEO content writers that understand the dynamics of keywords density to protect your website from keyword stuffing issues.

    5. Query interpretation is improved further. With this update results will now depend on the last few searches made by the users. This calls for a deeper look into the list of keywords for which you will be optimizing your website. While it is important to stay away from keyword stuffing, you should at the same time make sure that your website content includes all the relevant secondary keywords that are likely to be used by your target customers so that your website scores high in this regard. This will now increase the chances of getting listed on top for the relevant keywords.

    Amateur and mediocre SEO content writing services will not help anymore in getting top ranking. You should make sure to find the most reliable and the most experienced content writers for your on going content writing requirements.



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