Internet Marketing Strategy for big ROI & Online Presence
  • When Google introduced the Panda and Penguin updates in the early part of 2012, SEO has significantly changed. Now, there is more focus on the welfare of the searchers since these recent updates aim to give only relevant and useful search engine results to these searchers. Search engines are focusing their efforts on encouraging websites to use only original content.

    Here are some SEO techniques recommended by the experts for 2012:

    Content is still as important as ever. Google’s algorithm has always been designed to give more value to websites with original content. This year, the updates were made so web content would be good for the human searchers and the search engines. This is also done because it would be the searchers, who are the potential customers, who would make use of the information anyway when they make their purchasing decision.
    Website owners that make do with poorly written content. To get ranked higher by search engines and to get the trust of the searchers.

    Websites should be mobile user-friendly. Searchers do not only rely on their desktops or laptops to use the Internet. They also use their iPad, smartphones or other mobile devices to search the web for useful content. If your website is not designed to be accessed by these mobile devices, it would be hard for these searchers to stay looking for your website. They would likely find another source, which means that you will miss out on potential sales.

    Hire only SEO consultants with solid experience. If you are currently paying an SEO consultant to help you out with your website, make sure to ask yourself if you see any contribution from that consultant. Once you felt like you are just wasting your money, find another consultant with at least one to two years of experience in handling SEO cases.

    Use your own videos and photos. The original content emphasized during the release of the Google updates not only meant written content but also the photos and videos.

    Take advantage of social networking. Aside from posting your information on your website, make sure to share it to your target market through Twitter, Facebook, and Google +.

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