Internet Marketing Strategy for big ROI & Online Presence
  • You need to continually work on your website’s link building needs. It has already been repeated enough number of times here in this blog that you can never afford to stop your link building efforts if you want to improve your ranking in Google and if you want to fight the online competition. This calls for the application of new link building strategies. You will have to make use of all the latest link building strategies so that you will get links from various online sources. This will also make your link building efforts look natural.

    Along these lines there are two new strategies that you can consider for your needs. The first strategy that you should consider is article listing. This is a content based link building strategy that looks as if it has been created just for Google. The search giant Google loves content based link building efforts. This strategy is a blend of two strategies namely article submission and link building. You will be able to improve your ranking very effectively using this link building strategy. The success or the effectiveness of this strategy depends on the correct execution of the strategy. Your SEO company or your SEO service provider should execute the orders in the most search engine friendly way. For instance the articles should be created afresh without the use of any article spinning tool. It should be keyword rich and at the same time interesting to read. Secondly the articles should be submitted manually to the top article directories.

    The next strategy that you should consider is link wheel. This is also a new trend in the link building industry. You should be able to maximize the effectiveness of your link building efforts by making use of strategies such as link wheel. This again is a content based strategy and it is suitable for all niche industries. The Link wheel strategy does not limit itself to article sites, unlike article listing strategy. The service also offers you access to the top contextual web property on the internet to get one way links. Fresh content is created and posted according to your contextual web property needs. For contextual web property, the links are sourced from DoFollow pages with top link benefits. This service seeks to create links from high quality networks and expand your online presence. Link wheel also helps you build natural one way links and hence, get a decisive boost to your website in search engines like Google. Here again the strategy has to be handled in a very search engine friendly way.

    In both strategies, the expertise of your service provider plays a very important role in the success of the strategy. Choose a reputed company to take care of your link building needs. This will protect you from unnecessary problems and risks. Search engines have very limited tolerance against manipulative strategies. So better pay attention to the reputation of your service provider so that you will not only be able to achieve the desired results but your website will also be safe. When you are building links using the above two strategies to try to get a considerable portion of the links to the inner pages of your website too.

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