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  • Types Of Keywords & Their Impact On Website’s Online Performance

    When you are trying to identify the right keywords for your website you should take time to understand about different types of keywords and how these terms affect your website’s online performance. We can classify keywords into the following types:

    1.Short keywords / keyword phrases
    2.Long tail keyword phrases
    3.Keywords with special quantifiers – gender, age group, geography, ethnicity, etc
    4.Primary keywords
    5.Secondary keywords

    Keywords are the search terms used by people to search for the information they need on the web. When the search terms used contain just one to two words then we can classify them under short keywords or keyword phrases category. If the search terms contain more than three words then the search phrase can be classified as long tail keyword phrase. What is the impact of these two types of keywords? Short keywords face huge competition as opposed to long tail keywords because short keyword phrases cover larger area than long tail keywords. For example the term web design will cover everything from what is web design to ‘web design’ service providers in your area. Where as ‘cheap web design service’ will leave out websites that deal with information on what is web design and cover only websites that talk about low priced website design solutions. This way, you will be able to send more targeted traffic to your website by using long term keywords and also bypass unnecessary competition.

    In case you are targeting a specific group of people, here the group can be formed on any parameter such as age group, gender, ethnic background or the geography of the place. This will help you focus more closely on the target group and using such keywords will help you target your visitors even better. Sometimes long tail keywords use these quantifiers as one of the terms in the phrase. Geographic quantifiers in particular are found to be highly effective. Even if you are not targeting any specific geographic location, your customers remember are from specific geographic location and they do look for local service providers. You will be able to get listed for such searches as well. You should therefore take advantage of the local or geographic quantifiers.

    You should also know about two more types of keywords namely primary keywords and secondary keywords. Primary keywords are those high competition keywords that are directly linked to your business and usually have very high level of competition. Secondary keywords are related keywords to your business but with lesser competition but can still drive decent traffic to your website. What is primary keyword for one business will be secondary keyword for another and vice versa, we cannot therefore create a list saying these are strictly primary keywords and these are strictly secondary keywords. Only experienced keywords analysis experts will be able to come up with the effective distinction between primary keywords and secondary keywords for a given website.

    When you have a clear understanding on various types of keywords you will be able to make better decisions while choosing your keywords.

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