Internet Marketing Strategy for big ROI & Online Presence
  • For bloggers and for webmasters that like to promote their blog and to promote the online visibility, here is a magic combination that could work wonders. One of the key elements of blogs is to post or share content that is up to date and the latest information or information that is new. If the content that you post in your blog does not reach your customers or your target audience on time then you will lose the entire impact of making such posts.

    The challenge or the trick lies in making your blog post immediately accessible to your customers or your target audience before the news or information gets obsolete. How to achieve this goal?

    One of the secret recipes to get your blog posts instantly visible online is to use Digg and Twitter combination. As soon as you post your blog article, tweet about the article in Twitter. You should also make a social bookmark in Digg. It has been noted that Digg gets you instant visibility. Social bookmarks made in Digg become available in Google within ten minutes from the time of your bookmark. Yes, that is true, if you use unique keywords you can make your search for your digg post using those keywords you will be able to see the post appearing in the first page of Google. However, the post may not appear in the first page if you are using a too common or highly competitive keyword. The point here is that digg gets your website or your blog post indexed within minutes. Once you have made the social bookmark you should also tweet about the social bookmark. This creates a trio of – your website/blog – Digg – Twitter.

     You just need to try this combination for your blog posts to see how it drives traffic to your blog posts immediately. However, you should know how to create the right titles for your Digg social bookmarking and how to create interesting Tweets. This combination will work equally well for all niche industries. This will work well not only for blogs but it will also work equally well for your regular websites as well.

     This is a very search engine friendly approach to online marketing and Google will give your website excellent online visibility. You can create as many sets as you like using this combination to get instant visibility. If you are creating blog posts make sure that posts are very impressive. Feed your target audience with enough fresh and interesting content. You will be able to enjoy stunning results within a short time. If you want to increase the number of deep links you can use this strategy. Google indexes Digg and Twitter several times every year and that is why your posts, social bookmarks and your tweets appear in the search results fast. At times the indexing takes place faster than you think. Go ahead and try this simple strategy to give your website the desired level of online visibility.


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